BLXBuds Reviews – Is This Portable Lightweight Earbuds Worthy?

With the increasing buzz around the newly-launched BLXBuds, this BLXBuds review takes a closer look at the working and features of these headphones to clarify whether it is worth the money or not! 

Now, who doesn’t like a funky pair of headphones that has the looks, quality, and also feels great to wear? These days, almost everyone is wearing earbud-style headphones. But the question is, does it offer good sound quality? Of course, it might be easy to carry around. But the moment the wires get tangled is when it becomes a test of one’s patience. Not to mention the expense associated with these earbud headphones to have a quality sound experience. 

And that explains why wireless Bluetooth headphones are becoming the savior. However, wireless headphones may not always be the best at everything. And customers have to really dig in to find the most cost-effective one. 

BLXBuds Reviews – All You Need To Know About BLX Buds Bluetooth Earbuds!

BLXBuds is similar to Bluetooth headphones and has the appearance of a high-end hearing aid. The makers of this device say that it ‘outperforms the conventional earbud headphones’. 

So what exactly has it got to do that? What about the sound quality and comfortable wearing? Will it cause any damage to the ears? Is it expensive? This BLXBuds review answers all of these questions and more on these headphones. So stick around and keep reading! 

BLXBuds Reviews
Device NameBLXBuds
CatagoryBluetooth Earbuds
Unique FeatureIPX4 rated headphones
SpecificationPortable Water-resistant
Battery Capacity (hours)4.5 hours
Mode of chargingThrough USB cable
Guarantee Offered30 Days
Official WebsiteClick Here

What is BLXBuds?

BLXBuds are earbud headphones that promise optimal sound quality and comfortable listening. The design is pretty much compact, lightweight, and includes a storage case that can be used to recharge the headphones as well. It also shows if the headphones need to be recharged or not.

With BLXBuds headset, users are assured to have a comfortable experience with the headphones. It can be connected to both iOS and Android through Bluetooth. BLXBuds are made using quality earbuds to provide comfortable listening and assures to not cause discomfort or ear pain.

Since it is wireless, one need not struggle to disentangle the knots and can enjoy using the headphones anytime and anywhere.  

Basic Features of BLXBuds

BLXBuds Bluetooth headphones come with various features such as; 

  • Rated IPX4 (water-resistant): Earbuds that not only resist sweat and moisture but can also be used underwater are the real deal. And while choosing waterproof headphones, it is important to note the IP rating which is the industry standard to determine the quality of waterproof earbuds. 

IPX7 is what most folks usually go for as it can be submerged for around 30 minutes with zero damage. BLXBuds is IPX4 rated headphones. Although it can’t be used underwater, the earbuds are resistant to water splashed from any direction. 

  • Active noise canceling: According to the makers of BLXBuds Bluetooth headphones, the device uses high-end noise-canceling technology. It is said to filter the unwanted background noise so that one can enjoy using the headphones without any discomfort. 
  • USB charging cable: BLXBuds comes with a USB charging cable that allows connecting the headphones with the desired device using any USB port. 
  • Storage set: The makers of BLXBuds headset have included a compact case to store as well as recharge BLXBuds headset. The charge is said to last for 4.5 hours which further enhances portability. 
  • Lightweight and compact: The simple design of BLX Buds Bluetooth headphones makes the headphones comfortable to use anytime and anywhere. 
BLXBuds Benefits

How does BLXBuds work?

The working of BLXBuds is pretty simple. All one needs to do is simply open the storage case and tap on BLXBuds from the device’s Bluetooth settings. Once the initial pairing is complete, the headphones will then automatically connect with the device the next time onwards. 

Due to the noise-canceling technology used in BLXBuds earbuds, the moment one wears the headphones, the background sounds will be cut off and the user can remain focused on the sound coming from BLXBuds earbuds. Make sure to charge the earbuds before use. To know the battery life of BLXBuds headset, place the headphones in their case with the lid open. 

If it’s a red light, the headphones have to be charged whereas white lights indicate that the device is fully charged. Depending on the number of white lights, the user can determine how much charge is left in BLX Buds Bluetooth headphones. For example, if it shows four white lights, BLXBuds headset is fully charged. 

BLXBuds Usage

Pros and Cons of BLXBuds

Getting to know a product before making a purchase can save all the hassles of money loss. Based on the BLXBuds customer reviews and testimonials of BLXBuds and self-research, here are all the advantages and disadvantages of BLXBuds earbuds; 


  • User-friendly and portable. 
  • Protective case with multiple benefits. 
  • Sound and water-resistant. 
  • Does not cause pain or discomfort.  
  • Bulk deals at discounted prices. 
  • 30-day money-back guarantee. 


  • Sold only on its official site. 
  • It may not work if used incorrectly. 
  • Cannot be used while swimming. 
  • Short battery life. 
BLXBuds earbud headphone

Is BLXBuds legit or not?

Given the features of BLXBuds earbuds, it can be seen that the makers have focused on providing maximum comfort and enjoyment while using the headphones.

Based on many other BLXBuds reviews, the efficacy is further solidified by the positive customer feedback. Looking at the BLXBuds customer reviews and testimonials provided on the official site of BLXBuds and other sources, the ear-bud headphones seem to have provided a satisfying experience to the majority of its users. 

Although many headphones come with the promise of being waterproof, most of the time it does include any certifications as such. In the case of BLXBuds headset, the earbuds are rated IPX4 proving that it is indeed water-resistant.

BLXBuds earbuds are inclusive of a 30-day money-back guarantee where the manufacturer assures a refund if the user did not have a satisfactory experience. On the basis of these factors, BLXBuds can be called legitimate. 

BLXBuds Customer reviews and complaints

So far, there are no reports of complaints against BLXBuds. As per most BLXBuds customer testimonials and BLXBuds reviews, users talk about having a positive experience with the headphones. 

The official site of BLXBuds provides positive notes from the users of BLXBuds earbuds. Many states that BLXBuds headset is more convenient than regular headphones, regarding both quality and utility. BLXBuds is rated 4.6 out of 5 on its official website which shows that the headphones have a positive response from its users. 

BLXBuds Customer reviews

BLXBuds Pricing and Availability

BLXBuds is sold on its official site at an introductory 50% discount. The prices are given as follows; 

  • Price of 1 BLXBuds at $49.99 (40% off) 
  • Price of 2 BLXBuds at $91.99 (45% off) 
  • Price of 3 BLXBuds at $124.99 (51% off) 
  • Price of 4 BLXBuds at $159.99 (55% off) 

The 3 BLXBuds pack is found to be the most purchased according to the official site. And to buy for the whole family, the large pack of BLXBuds headset seems to be a suitable choice. 

The checkout page of BLXBuds is found to be protected using quality security systems and therefore it is best to not buy from other platforms. Mainly because of the high possibility to be faced with consumer fraud. Various customers report having to come across fake BLXBuds headphones with no refund options as well. Therefore, it would be wise to approach the official site of BLXBuds. 

The manufacturer of BLXBuds provides a 30-day money-back guarantee that allows using the headphones for a month without having to lose a penny.

Final Verdict on BLXBuds Reviews

All in all, BLXBuds might be a suitable choice for those who wish to have budget-friendly wireless headphones, made of high-end technology. As mentioned in BLXBuds review, it assures to provide quality sound, block external noise, is safe for the ears, waterproof, and portable. Therefore, the user may have a comfortable experience with BLXBuds headphones.

So basically one can see that BLXBuds has got the personality to be liked. But at the end of the day, it’s all about individual preference. Most people who used BLXBuds headphones seem to be satisfied with the working and features of the headphones.

One may look into the BLXBuds customer reviews on its official site to know the experiences of other users. Since there is a refund policy for BLXBuds headphones, one can use the headphones for a month without having to lose money. 

Frequently asked questions

  • Is BLXBuds available on e-commerce sites? 

It is best to buy BLXBuds from its official website itself as according to BLXBuds reviews, several users reported to have received a fake product. The official site of BLXBuds is safe enough to purchase the headphones and provides access to refund services as well. 

  • How do know that BLXBuds headphones is fully charged? 

Simply keep the headphones over its case and watch the light that shows up. If it’s red light, BLXBuds headphones have to be charged, and if it’s white light, the device is charged, depending on the number of white lights. 

  • Is there a money-back guarantee for BLXBuds? 

Yes, a 30-day refund policy is included. 

  • Is BLXBuds IPX certified? 

BLXBuds is assured to be rated IPX4 and therefore is resistant to water from all directions. 

  • How to use BLXBuds for phone calls? 

As directed by the manufacturer, simply press the side button to answer and hang up the call. 

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