How To Remove Dip Nails Quickly And Easily? – Surprising Tips!

Remove dip nails

Dip nails which are referred to as Signature nail system ( SNS) is a groundbreaking technology that comprises nail art. How long will blush watching the nails of social media models and celebrities which gets trending instantly? Haven’t you ever thought of trying to remove dip nails at home? Beauty techniques often get a timely … Read more

What Is Onychoschizia Or Split Nails?

split nails

Split nails in adults are known as Onychoschizia. This is also called lamellar dystrophy. Nail splitting more often comes with onychorrhexis. This means a longitudinal splitting or the nail plate gets ridged. A combination of these 2 diseases is known as brittle nail syndrome. Signs And Symptoms Of Split Nails ⦁ Check the fingernail and … Read more