Is Fingernails A Clue To Your Health?

The texture and color of fingernails can speak volumes about your health. Closely inspect them for a few minutes. A host of small details will appear before your eyes. A small white space, a tinge of rose, small ripples; the list may be endless.

Nail color

These small details may not be important for you. But they are more significant than you have ever thought. For your doctor, your fingernail is a goldmine of valuable information about your health.

Fingernail Colors ,Textures And Its Symptoms

Given Below Are a few insights they can give your doctor on your overall health:

Pale Nails

what your nails say about your health


⦁ Malnutrition
⦁ Anemia
⦁ Congestive heart failure
⦁ Liver problems

White nails with dark rims

dark fingernails vitamin deficiency


  • White nails with dark rims indicate liver diseases like hepatitis

Yellow Nails

nail diseases chart


⦁ The yellow color you may see on your nails indicates a fungal infection.
⦁ The yellow color of fingernails may even indicate the advanced stages of thyroid disease.

White or brown lines

what your nails say about your health


⦁ If you are suffering from Darier disease, a genetic condition, your nails will announce it to your doctor.
⦁ White or bluish lines will begin from your cuticles and will end at the end.

White bands

healthy nails


If white bands appear on your nails, you are having kidney failure.

Tiny Cists

fingernails a clue to your health


⦁ The tiny cists that appear near or on your cuticle inform your doctor that you have arthritis.
⦁ These cists are not cancers. A hand surgeon will take care of them.

Dimpled Nails

color of fingernail


  • If your nails appear dimpled, as if someone took a pen and made an imprint, it indicates psoriasis.
  • The disease can also cause your nails to separate from the nail bed.

Lines that stretch from side to side

Lines that stretch from side to side


⦁ Your color of fingernails and hair share are closely related. When you fall ill and remain sick for long, you start experiencing loss of hair. The same thing applies to your fingernails.
⦁ They may not fall out. But they too display the signs and symptoms of your illness. If you are stressed out, your nails will have lines that stretch from side to side.

Beau’s lines

Color of nails


⦁ Your nails appear like horizontal lines. If yes, your doctor will inquire that if you had an accident.
⦁ They indicated that your system received a shock that your nails stopped growing.
⦁ It may also indicate a serious ailment like unregulated diabetes.
⦁ These lines also appear upon receiving treatment for cancer.

Spoon shaped nails

Spoon shaped nails


⦁ Nail gains the shape of a spoon when it becomes thin. It loses its natural convex shape.
Sometimes, it may become large enough to hold a drop of water.
⦁ Haemochromatosis (excess of iron)
⦁ Anemia
⦁ Raynaud’s syndrome
⦁ Plummer-Vinson syndrome

Do The Following To Keep Your Fingernails Healthy All The Time

Keep them dry and clean

See to it that your nails always remain neat and free from moisture. It is a good choice to wear a cotton glove while washing dishes. Doing this eliminates the possibility of bacteria growing inside them.

Don’t bite your nails

Refrain from biting or your nails or doing anything to your cuticles. Such wounds become a fertile environment for the bacteria to grow. Even smaller cuts give them enough space to thrive.

Have biotin

Biotin is a vitamin B supplement meant for those with weak nails. You may not need it if you are someone who follows a balanced meal plan. Try it if you notice any abnormality in your nails.

Use nail polish

Nail polish, as you know, adds a luster to your nails. They are not harmful to them. See to it that you are giving them a break at regular intervals. use gentle nail polish removers for this purpose.

Drink lots of water

Water is a must for every single activity happening in your body. The same holds true even for your nails. Staying hydrated keeps your nails moisturized. And they won’t die an untimely death.

Keenly observe your nails at regular intervals

Be observant and notice if there is any change in color of fingernails. Be alert to the health indications they present and act accordingly.

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