Extra Burn Keto Reviews – Real User Results Got Exposed!

If you’re looking to lose pounds without hitting the gym or going through hard aerobics, then this Extra Burn Keto review is for you. The secret is in transforming the body’s normal metabolic state to a fat-burning mode called “ketosis” – wherein the body starts burning stored fat for energy production, instead of carbs. Ketogenesis could be achieved via different means such as following a highly restricted diet devoid of carbs and consisting mostly of fat and protein, complementing the diet with a well-planned exercise regimen, etc.

Extra Burn Keto Reviews – Does This Weight Loss Formula Have Positive Customer Reviews?

Extra Burn Keto Reviews

But what if similar benefits could be achieved by taking a supplement rather than going through these hard routines? I’m Charles Wright, a nutritional specialist, and in this Extra Burn Keto review, I will be explaining all there is to know about this supplement – the benefits, dosage, scientific principle, pricing, etc.

Supplement NameExtra Burn Keto
Used ForWeight loss
Item FormEasy to Swallow Capsules
Key IngredientBHB
Quality of ingredients★★★★☆
Health Benefits
  • Supports weight loss
  • Boost up energy
  • Enhance metabolism
  • support ketosis
Results Expected2-3 months
Dosage2 capsules a day
Key Highlights
  • Clinically Proven
  • FDA and GMP approved Facility
Unit Count60 dietary capsules
Multipack AvailabilityAvailable in 2 bottles, 3 bottles, and 5 bottles
Side EffectsNo major side effects reported
Price$59.50/ bottle
Money-Back Guarantee30 days
AvailabilityOnly through the official website
Official WebsiteClick Here

What is Extra Burn Keto?

Extra Burn Keto Supplement

As the name suggests, Extra Burn Keto is a keto supplement that helps in achieving ketosis via supplementing exogenous ketones to the body, particularly the BHB (Beta-hydroxybutyrate). BHB is naturally produced by the body when it is in keto mode, usually by following a ketogenic diet. However, it can also be made synthetically and supplemented to achieve ketosis faster without the need for following a strict keto diet. The Extra Burn Keto supplement consists of 100% pure BHB, which, if, supplemented, raises the levels of ketone bodies in the blood, thus achieving ketosis faster.

How is Extra Burn Keto formulated?

Extra Burn Keto Ingredient

As mentioned in the previous section, the main ingredient in the Extra Burn Keto supplement is 100% pure BHB (or Beta-hydroxybutyrate), which in its concentrated form is an exogenous ketone that can be supplemented to the body. The BHB can increase ketone bodies, which are normally produced by following a strict ketogenic diet (i.e., by following a high fat/protein diet and restricting or avoiding carbs).  

The science behind the Extra Burn Keto formula

Extra Burn Keto Working

The Extra Burn Keto reviews claim that the scientific principle behind the Extra Burn Keto formula is the same as that of a ketogenic diet – transforming the body’s natural metabolism into a state of ketosis. Ketosis is a metabolic state where the body starts burning fat for producing energy, instead of carbohydrates, which are the prime source of fuel for the body. The Extra Burn Keto reviews claim that this is obviously advantageous because once the body is deprived of the usual energy source, it turns to fat reservoirs for energy production, and this Extra Burn Keto results in increased fat burn and eventually weight loss

Is there any clinical evidence?

Extra Burn Keto Benefit

The main Extra Burn Keto ingredient, the BHB, an exogenous ketone, is extensively studied for its ketosis-inducing property and aiding in weight loss. There are multiple clinical studies confirming the benefits of BHB in transforming the body to ketosis mode without the need for a strict calorie limitation or exercise plan. Apart from helping in burning fat, BHB is also beneficial to brain health, and there is some evidence that it may help in neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s, etc. The Extra Burn Keto weight loss formula is manufactured under an FDA-registered facility, conforming to standard industry practices and GMP guidelines.

How to consume Extra Burn Keto capsules?

Now that we have seen the benefits of BHB, let’s find out how exactly the Extra Burn Keto weight loss pill should be consumed to reap maximum benefits.

  • Is it 100% natural?

Yes, the Extra Burn Keto supplement contains 100% pure BHB and consists only of natural ingredients and excipients, and hence is completely safe to consume.

  • Safety

The safety of the formula is further established by the fact that it is manufactured under an FDA-registered facility complying with GMP guidelines.

  •  Expiration Date

The expiration date of the Extra Burn Keto is 2 years from the date of manufacturing.

  • Dosage

According to the recommendation from the manufacturer, 2 capsules of ExtraBurn Keto should be consumed a day, preferably b.i.d. 

How long does it take to work?

Extra Burn Keto Results

According to Extra Burn Keto customer reviews, and my own study of the supplement, the manufacturer-recommended time period of two to three months seem to be an ideal choice for the course of the supplement. A minimum of 3 weeks is the time that the body requires to get adapted to the change in metabolism, and within 2-3 months, the body starts burning fat instead of carbohydrates. Moreover, taking the Extra Burn Keto supplement consistently for 2 to 3 months ensures the longevity of the Extra Burn Keto results for one to two years.

Is ExtraBurn Keto completely safe?

Yes, since the Extra Burn Keto weight loss supplement consists of 100% pure BHB and is made under sterile conditions in an FDA-registered and GMP-approved facility, it is completely safe to use. Also, the Extra Burn Keto reviews show that the supplement helps in burning fat naturally without the need of going through a calorie-deficit diet. There aren’t any side effects to this supplement, though, pregnant women, anemic patients, and children under the age of 18 should consult their doctor before starting to use Extra Burn keto dietary formula.

Should you buy this Extra Burn Keto Supplement?

The purpose of this review is to empower the customers to make an informed decision on whether to purchase Extra Burn Keto or not. The Extra Burn Keto supplement seems to help in reducing fat and overall weight and hence is an ideal choice for those who are already on a ketogenic diet and want to speed up their metabolic conversion rate. It equally helps those who are not on a restricted diet to achieve ketosis faster and additionally offers other health benefits such as reduced hunger, improved cognition, etc.

Pros and cons of Extra Burn keto Weight loss Pills

Let’s list down a few pros and cons of the Extra Burn Keto supplement.


  • The formula contains 100% pure full spectrum BHB.
  • Naturally induces ketosis without the need for calorie limitation.
  • No prescription is required.


In some people, taking Extra Burn Keto may produce flu-like symptoms in the initial days of the course. This is the adaptation phase for the body when it switches from normal metabolism to ketosis. Other than that, there are no cons about this supplement worth mentioning.

Extra Burn Keto Reviews from real customers

“After reading a few positive reviews about the Extra Burn keto, I thought to try it for 2 months to reduce my belly fat. By the first month itself, I felt a change in my body fat composition, and my energy levels were improved. By the third month, I was able to lose 21 lbs. weight, which is, so far, the biggest milestone I’ve achieved”. Richard Hernandez, Michigan “I bought the Extra Burn Keto for my obese brother, and he had used it for 1.5 months consistently. Though the supplement only reduced his body weight by a small margin (7 lbs.), he did feel better in terms of mental clarity, energy levels, and digestive health. He plans to take the Extra Burn Keto for 2 more months and see if the results are improving or not”. William Dempsey, San Francisco “My nutritionist recommended me a keto diet to reduce my weight but unfortunately it was so hard to follow, and I used to feel tired all the time. After starting to take the Extra Burn Keto supplement, I didn’t have to follow a restricted diet tightly. The supplement is helpful in managing weight issues if taken along with a ketogenic diet”.   Devin Ayres, Massachusetts

How much do Extra Burn keto Capsules cost?

The Extra Burn Keto can be purchased from their official website for the following price packages.

  1.   Buy 3, get 2 free.

As the name suggests, with this package a user gets 5 bottles of Extra Burn Keto for the price of 3 bottles. According to the manufacturer, this package is apt for those people who want to lose bodyweight above 25 lbs. The price of one bottle is discounted to $39.80, and shipping is free of cost.

  1.   Buy 2, get 1 free.

If a user opts for this package, they get 3 bottles of Extra Burn Keto for the price of two bottles, and shipping is also free. The manufacturer says this package is suitable for those people who want to lose 15+ lbs. The price is reduced to $53.00 per bottle.

  1.   Buy 1, get 1 free.

With this package, a user gets 2 bottles of Extra Burn Keto for the price of one, and the package is suitable for those who want to lose 7+ lbs. The effective price for one bottle is $59.50 + free shipping. Both the 2nd and 3rd packages offer good value for money and the supply is adequate for the manufacturer-recommended course. The Extra Burn Keto supplement can only be purchased from the official website, and the product is not available in any retail or eCommerce stores. So please make sure to buy the product from the official website itself to avoid fake products or replicas of Extra Burn Keto.

Extra Burn keto Shipping and money-back policy.

The Extra Burn Keto pill is backed by a 30-day money-back policy, which is one of the best in the keto supplements category. In the event a user is not satisfied with the product, they can simply return the product in the original packing within 30 days they have received the shipment, and the full purchase amount will be refunded to the customer.

Final Verdict on Extra Burn Keto Reviews

According to the Extra Burn Keto reviews, it is clear that this is a good weight loss supplement that can help reduce fat mass and improve body composition by switching the body’s normal metabolism to ketosis. The supplement can work to reduce fat without the need for following a ketogenic diet, though a consistent intake of the supplement for the manufacturer-recommended course is essential. However, taking the Extra Burn Keto along with dietary restrictions under the supervision of a nutritionist can help achieve the Extra Burn Keto results faster. On the whole, the Extra Burn Keto capsule is a good weight loss supplement that might be helpful for people who suffer from uncontrolled weight gain.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Should I restrict my alcohol intake while on the Extra Burn Keto supplement?

Though not mandatory, it is advisable either to stop or limit your alcohol consumption while taking the Extra Burn Keto supplement. This is because alcohol contains extra calories and that might set the weight-loss progress back.

  1. Can I take any other supplements while taking Extra Burn Keto?

Yes, if you are currently taking any medication or supplement, you can take it along with the Extra Burn Keto. Though, it is advisable to consult your doctor first.

  1. Do I need to measure the levels of ketone bodies to see if Extra Burn Keto is working for me?

No, there is no need to do a blood test to see if the supplement is working. You might notice a difference in the body fat composition and overall weight if you stick to the manufacturer-recommended course.

  1. Is there some way I can enhance the Extra Burn Keto results? 

Yes. Though not officially recommended, following a balanced diet and adding an exercise schedule may help boost the Extra Burn Keto Results.

  1. I’ve been taking the Extra Burn Keto supplement for 2 months but haven’t seen any improvement in my body weight. What should I do?

Users are advised to continue taking the supplement for up to 3 or 4 months to get major results from it. But even after following the recommended course, if the supplement doesn’t work for you, you can request money back from the company.  

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