Orange Sticks For Nail Care -An Easy And Effective Way!

‘Orange stick for nail care’- What is it? The orange stick is a tool used with the manicure for cleaning the nails, and it is also helpful in pushing back the cuticle of the nails. It is made up of wood bit sometimes this is also available in the metals. When it is made up of wood, then its color is orange.

The one end of this stick is pointed out and sharp, while the other end is quite angled. The manicurists always use this stick for various functions. The best thing about the orange stick is that it is a portable tool and inexpensive. It is the thing that makes it one of the most simple and convenient ways by which you can maintain your nails even when you are on the go.

Some General Characteristics Of Orange Stick!

  • You need to know that these are only 10 cm long and their diameter is about 1.25 cm. The end, which is flat, is mostly used for pushing the cuticle away from your nails.
  • It can be used on the nails of your fingers as well as your toes. Using the orange stick, you can buff the edge and the top surface of the nail very smoothly. You need to keep one thing in mind that the pointed, sharp can also help in scraping the debris from the nails.
  • Most of the orange sticks for nail care are made from inexpensive wood, and they also come in multi-packs. We can say that sometimes they are disposable and they are not usually designed in a way to be used for a lifetime.

However, if you choose the orange stick, which is made up of metal, then it can last you a long time. The thing is that these tend to be a bit expensive. However, it is worth the price.

Why It Is Called As An Orange Stick?

orange nail sticks

As you know orange sticks are used for nail care but You might not be aware of the fact that there is a common belief that the original orange stick was made from the wood of the orange tree.

The early manufacturers of these sticks used to deliver this stick to their clients in the orange-colored paper envelope. From that time, its name has been stuck to the orange stick; in fact, they are not even orange in color.

How To Use An Orange Stick Safely?

Orange sticks are basically considered the best tool for nail care. You need to know that these are tools that are mainly used at the time of manicure. The cuticles are softened by socking the hand in the Luke warm water and then coating them with the paraffin wax. When the skin loses, then the manicurists use the orange stick.

The flat end of this stick is used for pushing the cuticle skin lower to the bottom of the nails. It is done very gently so that it doesn’t hurt the client.

The skin around our nails is very sensitive, so it needs to be taken proper care of. The top of the nail’s surface can also be buffed using a flat end of the orange stick.

It is done carefully by the technicians. They know how to make use of the orange stick for taking care of your nails. The best thing is that the person who is getting both manicure and pedicure will require only two orange sticks for their whole session. 

How To Use An Orange Stick For Nail Care At Home?

The orange sticks are very famous for people to use on themselves. They use the orange stick for nail care, such as regular maintenance and upkeep of their nails at home only. The most impressive thing about this stick is that they are very cost-effective and portable too.

You can also use it for collecting the debris and dirt from your nails. It is advised to you that you should always keep your orange stick in a safe place in order to prevent infections.

If you are using metal sticks, then you should clean them thoroughly after every use. While if you are using the wooden one, you should use it and throw it after one use.

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