Square Shaped Nails: With Minimal Nail Shaping Products!

Are you not satisfied with how your nails look? Do you wish to get square-shaped Nails? If yes, hold on!

You don’t need to fret about anything. All you need to do is get a good quality nail cutter and a nail file. Follow the instructions we are giving and achieve a square nail shape in no time.

Square shaped nails

You don’t need to worry about visiting a nail salon or purchasing expensive nail equipment. You can achieve the goal easily. So, lay your hands on minimal nail shaping products and create a square-shaped nail quickly and easily.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to be a pro at shaping nails. Just following the instructions given below will help you in getting beautiful nails.

Equipment That You Need To Get Square Shaped Nails

  • A good quality nail cutter (preferably a stainless steel one)
  • Nail File

The good part about choosing a stainless steel nail cutter is its sharp cutting ability. Thus, you will get symmetrical nails, and you will get the perfect shape that you want. The nail file will help you in cleaning the home and giving a polished look to the nail.

So, let’s get ready to achieve beautiful square-shaped nails by just using these two major tools.

Step-By-Step Guide:

Follow these steps patiently and slowly to get a square shaped nail. Make sure that you grow your nail a little first

Clean Your Nails

The first major point that you need to keep in mind is to clean your nails. If your nail is dirty, try to get rid of the dirt underneath. You can remove it with the help of a nail file. In the process of cleaning your nails, try not to crack the tip of your nails

Lay Your Hands in Flat Position

Start the process by laying your hands in a flat position. Make sure that your palms face downwards. You should start the process of shaping nails by beginning with the middle finger.

Shape Your Nail

Take the nail cutter and hold it normally. Try not to hold it tightly. Start the process by cutting your nails from the side towards the middle. Once you cut the nails from the side, cut in a symmetrical square shape.

Don’t try to get ultimate perfection on the very first to go. When cutting the nail, try to make sure to remove an equal amount of nail from both sides. If you do this properly then you will get perfect square shaped nails.

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