Healthy and Unhealthy Fingernail Signs: Things You Should Know!

Have you ever noticed your nails? Some of the people will say yes because they are the ones who maintain the nail appearance as it is a part of self-grooming. On the other hand, some people occasionally pay attention to their nails. There are several healthy and unhealthy fingernail signs that help us to know our health better.

The nails are a very important part of our body, and they protect our health from exterior infections. They protect our fingers from damages, but along with that, it also tells us about health problems and conditions. So, let’s read more to know about the indicators of healthy and unhealthy nails.

These Signs Of Your Nails Says Whether You Are Healthy Or Not

Do you want to know whether you are healthy or not? If yes, check these healthy and unhealthy Fingernail Signs in order to make sure that you are doing well. It is essential for you to take proper care of your nails as you care for your face and body.

You will be surprised to know that not taking care of your nails doesn’t only affect nail health, but it also indicates some possibilities of another kind of health issue.

Signs Of Healthy And Unhealthy Nails

Signs of Healthy Nails

Good Nail Strength

If your nails are really strong and they don’t break easily, then it signifies that you have healthier nails and overall good health.

Nails Are Not Bitten

Another strong sign that shows that your nails and health are in pretty good condition. Any sort of infection won’t get access into your body if you don’t bite your nails and this makes you highly safe from diseases you can possibly get from outside

Your Nail Color is Pink/Mauve

Healthy nails always appear to be in the color of pink or mauve. However, it is not the color of the nail itself, but it is the tissue of your skin that is underneath your nail. Here it indicates your body is hydrated and has a good flow of blood.

Presence of Cuticles

When your nails have cuticles, then it means you are having good health of nails. You need to know that the cutting of cuticles can prove to be very damaging for your nails which can also give a risk of developing another kind of health issue.


No discoloration or dark lines under your nails signify you don’t have any serious issues. Your nails are completely healthy, and you don’t need to worry about anything.

Signs of Unhealthy Nails!


what do healthy nails look like

Yellow nails are unhealthy and it indicates serious health issues.

You need to know that this is the most common type of nail problem, and there are a lot of factors that can lead to yellowed nails, such as smoking, infection, using harsh nail products.

Brittle Nails

Brittle nails

Another sign of unhealthy nails is brittle or peeling nails. You might not notice it sooner, but your nails are not a solid piece.

To protect the components and prevent brittle nails, you should limit the exposure of the hands to the water. Make sure to wear gloves while washing dishes.

White Spots

white spots

Some people notice the white spots in their nails, which they think occur because of the deficiency of zinc and calcium. 

There can be several other reasons for this and it can’t be true all the time. It might seem like your nails are unhealthy, but they are fine. You only have to wait for your nail to grow so that they can cut away.

By now, you might have got enough knowledge about healthy and unhealthy fingernail signs. If you notice the signs of unhealthy nails, then you should surely consult your doctor. When there are mild signs of unhealthy nails, then they can be treated at home by providing proper care to your nails.

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