6 Tips To Get Shiny And Beautiful Nails- Proven Techniques!

Every woman who loves to look perfect from head to toe needs beautiful and shiny nails as much as they need to look beautiful. There are so many girls who apply nail paint to make the nails look beautiful. Is it good to apply it always?

Professional experts advise not to apply nail paints regularly as it is not good for the health of your nails. There are some simple tips and tricks which you can follow for getting shiny and beautiful nails. If you are not aware of them, then have a look.

Tips That Help You To Get Shiny And Beautiful Nails

6 Tips To Get Shiny And Beautiful Nails- Proven Techniques


Rosewater not only acts as an amazing cleanser for skin, but it is an easy and natural way to keep your nails clean and shiny. So how it works?

Rose water

Applying rosewater daily to your nails can help to seal the natural pink color of your nails. However, if your nails have some spots on them, washing them with a mixture of rosewater and lemon is helpful. By following this remedy three times a week, you can get clean, shiny, and beautiful nails that every girl desire.



Another natural method to have shiny and beautiful nails is to take enough amount of vitamins. As you age, the probability of having vitamin deficiency is quite high and eventually, this can lead to the poor health of nails.

Take a sufficient amount of vitamin B to make your nails healthy and beautiful. It doesn’t matter what things you are applying to your nails; internal health really matters in maintaining the nails.

Baby oil

Do you know that baby oil is not only good for the babies, but it is also good for the nails?

Baby oil

It is essential to retain the natural moisture of the nails, but Soaking the nails in the water will make its nails dry. This is where baby oil comes to the rescue.

All you have to do is massage your nails with any kind of good-quality baby oil. Do it regularly to make your nails moisturized and shiny.


We all know that the smell of garlic is really bad, but when it comes to the matter of beauty, then the smell should not be the priority. Garlic has some amazing properties which help in making your nails healthy and beautiful.

shiny nail polish

You will have to take few garlic cloves and then chop them into small pieces. Then, put all the chopped garlic into the glass and fill it with water.

Make sure there is enough space for you to put your hands into that glass and keep it for 20 minutes. Now place your nails in this garlic water. Do this twice a day and you will notice a good change in the appearance of your nails.

Drink More Water

All of us are aware of the importance of water to maintain our health well. Health experts advise drinking at least eight glasses of water per day so that your body can stay hydrated.

make your nails shiny and beautiful

Not consuming enough amount of water can give a serious impact on your overall health, skin, hair, and nails also. So, if you want to make your nails healthy, then it’s impertinent to drink enough amount of water throughout the day.

Aloe vera and olive oils

Wondering how aloe vera can protect your nails? Apply aloe Vera to your nails regularly and you will notice the change in a very short period of time.

shiny nails without polish

If you want to make this remedy more powerful, then you can add a few drops of olive oil to a tablespoon of aloe vera gel. Stir this mixture well until both the ingredients get blended in the correct way. Once it’s done, use cotton to smudge the mixture into your nails. Let it sit until it gets absorbed into the nails.

So follow these easy and effective home care remedies to get shiny and beautiful nails.

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